Guerrilla Hugs was established in 2011 by Majella Greene whilst studying applied positive psychology at teh University of East London. Prior to this date no one in the world of positive psychology had explored touch. Majella was the catalyst for a number of academics becoming interested in touch and positive psychology.

In a world where online connection serves many for the only contact they have with others – sometimes preferable and other times no other option. Guerrilla Hugs aims to raise awareness of the need for platonic touch throughout our lives – from the cradle to the grave.

Touch deprivation is a common feature in our communities, less human contact, more virtual contact, less informal care and more paid for care. Fear based caring sees people worried about touching those they are caring for in fear for being accused of abuse. We need to bring back informal platonic touch, respectful touch where permission is granted for it.

Conscious platonic touch improves well being, reduces falls in the elderly, can provide emotional comfort to those in distress and alleviates a range of ailments that could well prevent hospital admissions for those who are physically or mentally unwell.

The aim for us is to impact on social change, support people in workplaces where they care for others provide appropriate touch in their caring role and for us to all look out for each other a little bit more.

Mission Statement

Guerrilla Hugs aims to reduce stigma of platonic touch in everyday life, to encourage social platonic touching and strengthen communities.

By carrying out research into platonic touch we aim to establish clear guidance on how much touch contributes to a flourishing life.

We hope to influenc policy on touch in education, health and social care, increasing availability of platonic touch to aid recovery from illness, alleviate stress, increase social bonds and recruit volunteers to carry out Guerrilla Hugs around the globe.

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Love & Peace

The Navigator

Guerrilla Hugs

Majella Greene, founder

Free Hugs – Bullet Points

  • Always ask before giving a hug
  • Be respectful
  • Accept refusals
  • Have fun!
  • Don’t squeeze too hard or for too long
  • If someone is patting your back it’s a sign to let them go
  • Be mindful


1. Hugs are essential in human thriving

2. There is a shortage of hugging on the planet

3. We can make a difference

4. Platonic social touching has been proven to reduce aggressive behaviour; increase bonding and protectiveness and improve performance in sport teams

5. Connect to protect!

6. By hugging our friends, family and other social contacts we can improve our own well being and others too!

London Huggers!


Free Hugs in Camden

Free Hugs in Camden

To find out about other work by Guerrilla Hugs founder click Majella Greene

Guerrilla Hugs Hugging

Guidance Notes

1. Don’t jump out at people

2. Notice if someone has already walked passed another hugger and don’t harass them

3. You don’t have to hug if you don’t want to!

4. Hold your free hugs sign up so people can see it

5. Be conscious/mindful about your hugs

6. It’s fun but it’s more than that – you can really make someone’s day by giving them a hug many people don’t have touch in their lives daily so remember this is special and platonic

7. Smile, be genuine, authenticity speaks louder than words!

8. You are hugging as part of guerrilla hugs – we want people to have a positive experience and remember us!

9. It’s absolutely not a competition and every single hug is as important as the next or the last!

10. You are changing the world through hugging!

11. Don’t chase people this can be intimidating

12. Eye contact is a good thing – remove any sunglasses


A Big Guerrilla Gorilla HUG for you!