Guerrilla Hugs Hugging

Next Guerrilla Hugs will be announced in the next 10 days!


Sunshine Southbank Hugs

Give One Get One Free GOGOF

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Guidance Notes

1. Don’t jump out at people

2. Notice if someone has already walked passed another hugger and don’t harass them

3. You don’t have to hug if you don’t want to!

4. Hold your free hugs sign up so people can see it

5. Be conscious/mindful about your hugs

I’m not hugging – I’ll just take photos! Yeah – right Phil!

6. It’s fun but it’s more than that – you can really make someone’s day by giving them a hug many people don’t have touch in their lives daily so remember this is special and platonic

7. Smile, be genuine, authenticity speaks louder than words!

8. You are hugging as part of guerrilla hugs – we want people to have a positive experience and remember us!

9. It’s absolutely not a competition and every single hug is as important as the next or the last!

10. You are changing the world through hugging!

11. Don’t chase people this can be intimidating

12. Eye contact is a good thing – remove any sunglasses

Smiley Hugs

A Big Guerrilla Gorilla HUG for you!

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