Free Hugs – Bullet Points

  • Always ask before giving a hug
  • Be respectful
  • Accept refusals
  • Have fun!
  • Don’t squeeze too hard or for too long
  • If someone is patting your back it’s a sign to let them go
  • Be mindful


1. Hugs are essential in human thriving

2. There is a shortage of hugging on the planet

3. We can make a difference

4. Platonic social touching has been proven to reduce aggressive behaviour; increase bonding and protectiveness and improve performance in sport teams

5. Connect to protect!

6. By hugging our friends, family and other social contacts we can improve our own well being and others too!

London Huggers!

7 Replies to “Free Hugs – Bullet Points”

  1. Hi there
    Please can I get involved and on your mailing list for the next date to free hug london.
    Many thanks

    1. Just as soon as I have finished writing up my research paper? Can you suggest a location? Would you like to join us – either to offer free hugs or take photos or just come and hang out?

  2. i am so inspired by this, and would absolutely love to be involved! i’m from the Yarra Valley, in Victoria, Australia. we are a friendly bunch out here but i know alot of people that would love some hugs :)!

    1. Dear Shenay & Guerrilla Hugs,
      Yes, it is very inspiring! I am from Australia too (Melbourne, Victoria)…Generally speaking, I feel that there is a deficit of hugs, & other friendly/supportive contact, in our culture/society. And too much painful contact, and distancing or alienation. I work in psychotherapy so I probably see the most extreme end of the spectrum. But even in everyday conversations when the topic comes up, the “not enough good & too much bad” experience is not uncommon! In a series of sessions people have moved from – not being comfortable unless I am sitting diagonally opposite in the room, and being silent, to having an unceasing stream of meaningful expression, and asking for a 10 min hug on the couch at the end of the session! So, if people want enormous transformation, it is possible! (Even if it is not always “easy”.) I think that what Guerrilla Hugs is offering is fantastic, & hopefully it will have a healing effect for many people!

      There is a lot more formal scientific, university & hospital research being done now, all around the world, in the area of good human contact. How it can contribute to physical healing in many diseases, and mental/emotional wellbeing. So, with any luck, it will become a wider social movement. And maybe even a part of “good standard practice” in many areas. Keep up the good work!
      Warm wishes,

  3. Heard you on the radio yesterday when driving home from work. Thought it was a great idea and I realised I don’t hug enough, never really thought about it before. But now feel inspired to hug more often!

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