Carnaby Street & Golden Square Hugging 18th March 2011

Friday 18th March 2011 the weather looked grim, the white clouds stubbornly determined to drizzle all day, what a better time than to go and hug some lovely people in Carnaby Street?

Our Guerrilla Hugs Board Members took seats at a coffee shop to plan their strategic placement, our aims were clear – to bring some happiness to a dull afternoon and raise the oxytocin levels in this small part of London.

Photographers – check

Video – check

Huggers – 1, 2, 3, 4 check

Banner & 2 huggers to hold it – check

Smiles – check

Stickers – check

Free Hugs Boards – check

Ready – not before a big group hug to get us started!

At 4.45pm we were in place, already people looking curious, first hug to the man who grabbed one of our banner holders, one very happy man!

Everyone got hugs including the photographers, passers by stopped for hugs, others asked questions we were happy to explain the science behind the hugs, hugging increases your oxytocin production, the feel good hormone, we all need hugs for our well being.

Plenty of hugs for all the family and a great way to cheer up a grey Friday afternoon. We progressed to the corner of Golden Square. The less busy environment enabled people to see us from a distance and head towards us for hugs! As we were hugging we noticed a police van going past us, and then it went past again…. the third time they pulled up and out jumped an officer who proceeded to hug us all one by one. The officers in the van also got a squeeze and off they went a little more happier from the hugs!