Guerrilla Hugs Where Have We Been?

Camouflage Crochet Cab! Hugs in Bath 12th May

Things have been busy in the Guerrilla Hugs world, as many of you know I am currently completing an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology with a particular interest in how everyday platonic touch can increase well being. So this year has been spent developing the research and recruiting participants who are happy to give their time to finding out whether free hugs contribute positively to well being? So this year we have hugged at Willesden Green Station in February when it was -4 degrees… we were due to hug at the Love Run in Finsbury Park too – but this was postponed due to the weather!

We celebrated our 1st Birthday on March the 18th by returning to Carnaby Street, it was a lovely day and the huggers and the huggees all raised the happiness levels up a notch or two. Lots of people take photos of us when we are hugging and we would love to have some of them posted on here – so if you have some please do send them to if you have a story to go with them that would be beautiful!

Due to coursework deadlines in April we had a break but came back to hugs in Sheffield on the 6th May with some lovely people who are up for creating a group of Guerrilla Huggers in South Yorkshire!

Last weekend I went to Bath and 3 of us offered free hugs in the city centre, it was a beautiful sunny day and we gave lots of free hugs! My visit to Bath coincided with an artist called Olek creating an installation of crochet wrapping of trees it was great to see how people reacted to this too! The taxi driver Raymundo has been commissioned to drive her all over the country creating installations!

Tomorrow we will be hugging on the Southbank – so come and see us! And Sunday 20th we will be popping up somewhere else in London around lunchtime – we might be in your area so keep a look out! If you want to join us get n touch!

Southbank 2011

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