Happy Birthday Guerrilla Hugs

That’s a Wrap!

It’s been more than a year since the idea of Guerrilla Hugs was born but not quite a year since we did our first free hugs – so on the 18th March 2012 we will be returning to Carnaby Street to celebrate our first birthday!

Chalk Farm Road

If you would like to join us please email: guerrillaugs@gmail.com

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  1. Last Sunday I took part in a one hour Guerrilla Hugs campaign on Carnaby Street, Soho to celebrate the one year anniversary of Guerrilla Hugs. It was a magical experience to stand with my arms outstretched, holding a “Free Hugs” sign, and smiling at, and offering hugs to, the passersby. Of course for any hugging or touch to feel good, it should be welcome and appropriate. Guerrilla Huggers follow guidelines such as be respectful and accept refusals.

    From my perspective, it was fascinating to observe human behaviour. Most people smiled. Some maintained eye contact and started running towards me from 30 meters away. Others immediately looked down (or up or away) and avoided all eye-contact until they had passed the ‘hugging-zone’. Over the hour, we hugged people of all ages. One man said to his friends, “You know, I’ve had a really shitty week. I need this!” before coming over to give me a huge bear hug.

    The power of touch is incredible. The kind, gentle placement of a hand on an arm, an arm around a shoulder, or a lovely big warm hug can really change the situation and the day. More than a few people told us this hug had really made their day.

    People are wonderful. We share a common humanity, yet so often we distance ourselves from each other and deny our need for connection. The smiles, the hesitations, the moments of indecision and above all, the hugs, are a beautiful memory of a lovely day in Soho.

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