Guerrilla Hugs – Picnic

Hello Huggers & Friends!

We are going to be offering free hugs on the 15th May and after having a picnic! If you would like to come email: for details!

Double Hugging – Check out the girl running in for a hug in the background! Lovely!

We will only have 5/6 dedicated huggers but everyone is welcome to come to have a hug and join in the picnic!

Happy Saturday night!


South Bank Hugs!

Hugs for Free!

A serendipitous meeting at Brick lane with the film’s director, maker and driving force Menelik Shabazz resulted in a dream come true for me, I was to be in the same room as Janet Kay the singer of, yes, my all time top favourite tune Silly Games! Not only that but to have some intelligent conversation with Menelik about the importance of touch and hugs in relation to a whole music genre that I personally love and recognise to be at the forefront of breaking down racial barriers. Wow is really an understatement!

I’m not hugging – I’ll jut take photos! Yeah – right Phil!

Saturday 9th April a gloriously sunny day, Guerrilla Huggers met at the riverside bar to discuss our hugging in support of Lovers Rock The Film. So there we are discussing the rules, boundaries and expectations of free hugs, excited and thrilled to be able to endorse an inspirational documentary, that may reignite the whole Lovers Rock scene.


Sunshine Hugs!

Our team Levi, Jazzy, Paula, Paula (yes that’s two Paula’s), Phil, Maren, Maymay, Livia, Kris, Phil, Kym, Imelda, Lynsey and photographer Clara Copley! All at ready!


People watched, hovered round the edges, smiled politely and some even came in for a hug! Young men on their bikes doing tricks came in for hugs, small children got stickers and hugs,

Pretty in Pink!

people chatted as they looked on and some of our huggers even had queues forming, young women, older women and others made a b-line for Kris! Phil “I’m not hugging” grabbed a free hugs board and started hugging, converted he has vowed to come along and do more free hugs. As I looked up I was amazed at how many people were watching, taking photos and video clips and smiling, even without being hugged they were able to get some joy from the free hugs.


Group Hugs!

Many photos were taken by my trusty camera, alas iPhoto crashed and I lost them, if anyone knows how to find my lost images please get in touch! Images taken on the day by Clara Copley are great and we really appreciate her support!


Next hugs at the Action for Happiness launch event!

The Choir With No Name – Brick Lane

By Jenny – First Time Guerrilla Hugger!

Brick Lane The Hugging Mile?

Not long ago… A good friend of mine – Amandeep, told me about this crazy idea of giving out free hugs on Carnaby Street, and that I should come along…. and I thought… naaaaah… your alright you crazy woman… i’ll join you afters for a beer though?

It had been one of those very long days at work… that was thankfully behind me, the walk to Carnaby Street cleared my head, and I was sure that a pint would go down a treat. But you know what? I got more than I bargained for when I turned up to find a group of folks surrounded in a buzz of laughter, happiness, and hugs.

For the rest of the evening (apart from when we decided to kill the karaoke machine in some unknown joint in Soho) I listened to the Guerrilla Navigator and her team talk about Guerilla Hugs, talk about why they did what they did, what the reactions were in people who may or may not have accepted a free hug, and having seen footage and photos I realised just how much impact a little human affection as simple as a hug could change a persons mood.

Sign me up.. I thought… I was sold on the idea.

So last night… I turned up on Brick Lane, with the intention of becoming one of the “huggers”. Problem was…. I had thought about it too much. Do I want to hug all those strangers? I was having the same thought as those people who walked by gracefully declining a free hug… with the thought in their minds…. urrrggghhh bodily contact with strangers??? No thanks. So I whispered quietly to Amandeep… “I was thinking of pulling out. I still want to support you guys. But I’m not sure about this.”

Well that was met with the coolest reaction from everyone in the team. “Thats totally fine Jen… you don’t have to do anything. Loads of people feel the same. It’s cool. Why don’t you take photos instead? Thats still supporting us!”.

Phew I thought, (well.. actually I thought “Jen… you are such a wimp” ) …so official photographer it is then.

It took about 10 minutes before I gave up role of official photographer to take up my place as official hugger. Ok we all know we love hugs… and yes people have friends and family to hug… but if you think about it… really think about it… I bet you will realise you don’t hug enough. For whatever reason.

It was really great to see people realise they were in for a free hug and then see the looks on their faces as they walked away with a little more spring in their step.

A hug has a seriously positive impact on people… and there is absolutely nothing wrong with creating more positivity in another persons life, albeit for a moment. They will appreciate it for sure… and the good thing about a hug is its a two way thing. Double the impact!!