You get what you focus on …

You may have seen the books which implore you to think yourself rich, or thinner … and you may have thought “rubbish”, or words to that effect. So first of all I really encourage you to take the following short test (Chabris & Simons) to see how good your focus (attention) is … it’s quick (less than 2 mins) simple and confidential, and will give you a good starting point.

Selective Attention Test

For some, the results may have been surprising.  Having focused attention means that we can miss what we’re not paying attention to.  Many of us have busy lives, and whilst we’re busy focusing on “the next thing” whether it’s meeting that looming project deadline, picking the kids up from school or even what to pick up for dinner from the supermarket … we can miss “things” which could translate into missing opportunities.

Professor Wiseman (2003) demonstrated that people make their own luck.  He designed an experiment which asked participants to count the number of photos in a newspaper, and the response would be timed.  In the newspaper – which he’d created he had also put in letters “2 inches high” the words “stop counting – there are 43 photographs” … some people – those that described themselves as unlucky, missed those words as they were too busy focusing on the original task of counting the photographs.

I think the adage “you get what you focus on” is very powerful, and you may want to ensure that you incorporate aspects of your whole life so that you don’t end up like King Midas.  You may want to take a moment to think about what you’re focused on (head down battling to work, or strolling along with time to smell the spring blossom)… do you have enough joy, happiness, hugs in your life?

If you’re already a hugger – we’d welcome you to join us and be a part of a hugging collective bringing joy and fun into people’s lives!

You get what you focus on …so focus on having a fun, smiling at people, expecting good things to happen and look around you see if there might be a Guerrilla Free Hugger near you soon!


Chabris, C. F., & Simons, D. J. (2010). The invisible gorilla : and other ways our intuitions deceive us (1st ed. ed.). New York: Crown.

Wiseman, R. (2003). The Luck Factor. Skeptical Inquirer.

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